How to Eat Paleo
(When You Don't Live in a Cave)

A cheeky, colorful guide to healing your gut & living well through the Paleo lifestyle, this fully illustrated book has over 75 illustrations. Covering everything from inflammatory foods to alkaline/acidic balance, this book supports a lifestyle that works for you, away from rigid rules often associated with low-carb diets like Paleo. 

I had so much fun illustrating this very approachable guide (and got an education to boot!) - Cynthia Spivey, the author, gave me lots of creative liberty, and I so enjoyed interpreting her words into descriptive, humorous illustrations, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it just as much. Order it from Amazon below!

Here's a little peek at what the book looks like inside - thanks to Mikaila Allison for help making this video! 

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